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Yakimenko & Strauss UnTuxed

This event has passed


Join us for an UnTuxed casual experience with your Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Fidor Yakimenko: Nocturne for Strings (5 min)
Richard Strauss: Don Juan (17 min)

There are a lot of emotions at this mid-day concert. Yakimenko’s Nocturne for Strings is a hauntingly beautiful and introspective piece, while Strauss’s Don Juan tells a story of love and loss with blazing virtuosity and luminous melody that ends with an unforgettable finale.

During this bite-sized concert, you’ll learn about the works being performed, enjoy a taste of orchestral music, and have your curiosity quenched when the conductor answers questions from the audience.

  • The conductor introduces the works from the stage at about 11:45 am.
  • Can’t make it for 11:45 am? Come for the concert performance at 12:15 pm.
  • Stay after the performance for a post-concert Q&A with the conductor at 1:00 pm.
  • You are welcome to come and go quietly during UnTuxed performances if you need to.

This is a Relaxed Performance, providing access to exceptional symphonic musical events in an inclusive environment.


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