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The Mysterious Maestro

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Adapted from the 2003 Governor General’s Award-nominated book The Maestro, this concert-story is about a little girl who loves to sing, but she moves to a town where music is forbidden! This town is named Hamelin – 30 years after the infamous Pied Piper has led all of Hamelin’s children away. Hannah breaks the musical silence with the help of a gossipy rat and her own passion for grand music. Eventually, she melts the heart of a desperate conductor and frees his imprisoned orchestra. Music is restored to Hamelin, and the orchestra regains its central part in the town’s new life.

Fuelled by the music of Verdi, Mendelssohn, Liszt and Villa-Lobos, as well as original compositions by Canadians Dave Pierce and Donovan Seidle, The Mysterious Maestro races through dark nights and hidden caverns, and explores the nature of musical perfection… and obsession. This is a bewitching concert featuring great music and top-notch performances.

Enjoy this fun-filled afternoon of music perfect for the entire family, and be sure to come early to take part in pre-concert activities, including an instrument petting zoo, conducting station and more!


Verdi: Overture to The Force of Destiny
Villa-Lobos: Bachianis Brasileiras No.5  Aria (Cantilena)
Massenet: Thais, Meditation
Pierce/McKeag: Hannah’s Song  (Composed for The Mysterious Maestro)
Waldteufel: Estudiantina
Ippolitov-Ivanov: Caucasian Sketches, Procession of the Sardar
Saint-Saens:  Danse Macabre
Seidle: Frantic Forest Frenzy (Composed for The Mysterious Maestro)
Liszt:  Preludes
Seidle/Pierce: Perfect Music (Composed for The Mysterious Maestro)
Mendlessohn: Symphony No. 5, Reformation 1st Movement
Beethoven:  Ode to Joy


Puppets and the Maestro’s carved hands by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop.


THE MYSTERIOUS MAESTRO is presented by Dandi Productions
Story by Judd Palmer | Adapted for Orchestra by Doug McKeag
Compositions and orchestrations by Dave Pierce & Donovan Seidle

Pre-Concert Activities Partners:

Performing Artists

Maria Fuller*, conductor
Onalea Gilbertson, vocalist
Doug McKeag
David Duval Lang

Dandi Productions
Judd Palmer, author, designer
Dave Pierce, composer, arranger
Donovan Seidle, composer

*appears courtesy of Tapestry Opera’s Women in Musical Leadership Program