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Melodius Prime vs. the Boyz of Noise

*Please silence your cell phone & turn down the brightness*

PLEASE NOTE: this performance uses theatrical haze.

Supported by

Naomi Woo, conductor
Mr. Mark, Kaos
Patrick Cameron, Konfuzed
Brynn Reynolds, K-oto-bot Hullaballoo
Cameron Johnstone, Gavin/Melodious Prime
Dailia Martin, LeeAnne/ Harmony
Ezekiel Lemoine, Hoopla
Jace Hodges, Havok
Claire Marshall, Rehearsal Assistant
Manny Tuba, WSO mascot

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Thank you very much to Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School!

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Mark, and the cast of Melodious Prime vs The Boyz of Noise would to extend a gigantic heartfelt thanks to Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, whose efforts and generosity have quite simply made this production possible.

In particular we would like to Thanks Ms. Cheyenne Schroeder, for helping with casting, Ms. Maggie MacGregor for scheduling rehearsals, and Ms. Nicole Kepp for keeping it all running smoothly.

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Mark and the cast of Melodious Prime vs The Boyz of Noise want to thank Claire Marshall for all the fabulous work she does behind the scenes. Keeping us all focused and on track, while at the same time making us laugh, and laugh, and laugh!

Once again to all, our sincerest gratitude!

– Mr. Mark (Mark Cameron)

Naomi Woo, conductor

Naomi Woo is a prominent young Canadian conductor and pianist, recognized by CBC Radio, ARTV, and Flare magazine as a rising star on the Canadian classical music scene. The current Assistant Conductor and Community Ambassador of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Naomi is frequently in demand as a guest conductor across Canada. In 2021-2022, she made her debut appearances with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra, Regina Symphony Orchestra and Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, and will also conduct rehearsals of the Orchestre Métropolitain, having been chosen by Yannick Nezet-Seguin for the orchestra’s inaugural conducting academy.

Mark Cameron “Mr. Mark”, Kaos

His real name is Mark Cameron but he’s been known to countless kids and their families as Mr. Mark, creator of wild and wonderful music for kids to sing and dance to. Armed with a truckload of enthusiasm and a truckload of instruments, his shows are always lively and engaging!

When he is not gallivanting around the world with Manny Tuba, the WSO’s greatest spokesperson, Mr. Mark is either busy performing at children’s festivals across Canada, or making orchestras out of junk with kids everywhere.

In April 2022, Mr. Mark’s performed his work for young audiences called, The Adventures Of J.S. Box with the Regina Symphony Orchestra to an enthusiastic audience.

He is very excited to have the production of Melodious Prime vs The Boyz of Noise return to the WSO for a repeat performance and would like to thank the WSO for this opportunity.

Patrick Cameron, Konfuzed

Ballet, musicals, movies, and more! Patrick had performed for most of his youth and young adult life, he returns for a second run of this production and is dusting off his dancing shoes to perform with his father Mr. Mark – Kaos. Patrick was initially trained in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School’s Professional Division, leading to performing in roles for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s productions of Nutcracker (Dieter), and Anna Karenina (Seryozha) and working with Vonnie Von Helmet Films in internationally recognized Tutu Much. Patrick later transitioned into roles for Danny Schur’s Strike (Chorus), and other local productions before “retiring” and moving to Kingston, Ontario with his family.

Brynn Reynolds, K-oto-bot Hullaballoo

Brynn Reynolds is excited to be performing the role of K-oto-bot Hullaballoo in her first production with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in Melodious Prime vs. the Boyz of Noise. Brynn is currently a sophomore at Westwood Collegiate and has trained extensively in various dance genres, specializing in ballet at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and the Alberta Ballet School. Brynn dances in the advanced dance program at Westwood Collegiate and her hobbies include guitar, reading and vintage clothing. She is deeply grateful to RWB principal Nicole Kepp, RWB Artistic Coordinator Cheyenne Schroeder and Mark Cameron for this opportunity. She looks forward to sharing this exciting and fun-filled show with everyone.

Cameron Johnstone, Gavin/Melodious Prime

Cameron is an artistic and energetic young man who enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. Cameron has a passion for the Arts. His love for performing began singing with Pembina Trails Voices Boys Choir at the age of 6. He has been involved in Rainbow Stage Camps and school Musical productions since 2017. Cameron continues to pursue Musical Theatre with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School.

Dailia Martin, LeeAnne/Harmony

Dailia Martin is a vibrant 14-year-old grad nine student at St. Mary’s Academy. Her love for music and dance started at the young age of three. Her first professional performance was as a Foundling in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s (RWB) production of The Faerie Queen at age seven. Since then, she has performed in many of the RWB’s professional productions; regularly in the annual winter classic, The Nutcracker, and with the RWB’s competitive dance ensembles. Dailia has also performed with the Anansi School of Performing Arts, Ballet Jorgen’s touring group, Jaberi Dance Theatre, and the Jamaican Dance Association. When not on stage or in the studio, Dailia enjoys baking and jewelry making.

Ezekiel Lemoine, Hoopla

Since performing in an elementary school dance project, Ezekiel has loved dancing! For the last eleven years he studied and performed at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and he is now training with The School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg.

Ezekiel has performed with The Royal Winnipeg Ballet as a mountie in The Nutcracker and as The Folklorama Llama in The WSO’s production of Mr. Mark’s show, Manny Goes to the Birds in 2018.

Ezekiel is very excited to be acting and dancing the part of Hoopla in Melodious Prime vs The Boyz of Noise and would like to thank the producers for giving him the opportunity to continue doing what he loves the most.

Jace Hodges, Havok

Jace Hodges is a Winnipeg based dancer, who began dancing at the age of 9 with Evolution Dance Company. He then went on to train with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Professional Division and the School of Contemporary Dancers.

He is now pursuing his professional dance career here in Winnipeg, having performed with Ian Mozdzen in the shows, People En Masse, Silent… Lab Dance, and People Part. He also performed in Botany in Motion, dancing in A solid? A liquid? A gas? choreographed by Sophie Milord and curated by Shayla Rudd at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. In October of 2022, Jace had the privilege of working with Robin Poitras on her latest show, Rouge-gorge and performing in Quadriga while on tour in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

This is Jace’s second show with the WSO and Mr. Mark, as in 2018 he performed as Manny Tuba in the show Manny Tuba’s Kooky Spooky Christmas Carol!. Jace is very excited to have the opportunity again to perform with the WSO and Mr. Mark in Melodious Prime vs. the Boyz of Noise.

Claire Marshall, Rehearsal Assistant

Claire Marshall is a passionate dance artist with over 25 years of professional performance experience working locally, nationally, and internationally. She believes that dance is a collective and transformative experience that can positively impact all who dare to move. An avid dance educator, Claire has taught for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Professional Division and Recreational Division and the School of Contemporary Dancers since 2000 and continues to teach throughout the city and province. Ms. Claire and Mr. Mark have been a team for a long time and continue to make each laugh while creating in the studio. Claire is grateful to Mark Cameron and the wonderful cast, and the WSO.

Join the cast for a meet and greet in the lobby after the concert!

Musician Nucleus

Karl Stobbe, Associate Concertmaster
Tara Fensom
Hong Tian Jia
Mary Lawton
Sonia Lazar
Julie Savard
Jun Shao
Jeremy Buzash (guest)
Erica Sloos (guest)

Chris Anstey, Principal
Elation Pauls, Assistant Principal
Karen Bauch
Kristina Bauch,
Elizabeth Dyer
Bokyung Hwang*
Rodica Jeffrey
Momoko Matsumura **
Susan McCallum
Jane Radomski
Liudmyla Prysiazhniuk (guest)

Elise Lavallée, Acting Principal
Dmytro Kreshchenskyi, Acting Assistant Principal **

Marie-Elyse Badeau
Laszlo Baroczi
Greg Hay
Michael Scholz

Emma Quackenbush, Acting Assistant Principal
Grace An **
Arlene Dahl
Samuel Nadurak **
Alyssa Ramsay
Sean Taubner
Patricia Vanuci (guest)

Meredith Johnson, Principal
James McMillan
Daniel Perry
Eric Timperman

Jan Kocman, Principal
Supported by Gordon & Audrey Fogg
Alex Conway

Robin MacMillan

Micah Heilbrunn, Principal
Chris Byman (guest)

Kathryn Brooks, Principal *
Mark Kreshchenskyi, Acting Principal **
Elizabeth Mee **

Ken MacDonald, Associate Principal
The Hilda Schelberger Memorial Chair
Aiden Kleer
Michiko Singh

Paul Jeffrey, Associate Principal
Isaac Pulford
The Patty Kirk Memorial Chair

Keith Dyrda
Isabelle Lavoie**
Jason Kehler

Justin Gruber, Principal

Brendan Thompson (guest)

Richard Turner, Principal
Endowed by W.H. & S.E. Loewen

Isaac Pulford

Michaela Kleer

Aiden Kleer

* On Leave
** 1 year appointment

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