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Composers Institute History

2022 Composers Institute (postponed to 2023 due to Covid-19 Pandemic)

2021 Composers Institute (cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic)


(L-R) Mackenize Carroll, Matthew Emery, Henry From, Liam Ross Gibson, Julia Mermelstein, Matthew-John Knights, Simon Grégorcic 

WSO Composer-in-Residence & WNMF Festival Co-Curator Harry Stafylakis
Mentor Composers Sarah Kirkland Snider & Jared Miller
Guest Composers & Artists Michael Daugherty, Dinuk Wijeratne, Neil Weisensel, Daniel Raiskin, Julian Pellicano, Naomi Woo
CMC Prairie Region Composition Competition Winner Henry From (BC) – Isle of Pic
WNMF Composers Institute Participant Composers Matthew-John Knights (ON) –  Voice les larmes avec lesquelles je pleure pour toi; Liam Ross Gibson (BC) – Monstera Deliciosa; Mackenize Carroll (ON) – Blood Sky; Matthew Emery (ON) – Unanswered Letters; Julia Mermelstein (ON) – in turn; Simon Grégorcic (QC) – Two Collages: on the waves of Lake Ballaton


WSO Composer-in-Residence & WNMF Festival Co-Director Harry Stafylakis
Mentor Composers Jocelyn Morlock & Kelly-Marie Murphy
Guest Composers & Artists Pēteris Vasks, Vivian Fung, Eliot Britton, Daniel Raiskin, Julian Pellicano, Roomful of Teeth
CMC Prairie Region Composition Competition Winner Scott Ross-Molyneux (AB) – Ehrykaviss
WNMF Composers Institute Participant Composers Adam Hakooz (ON) – Flux Kirsten Ewart (BC) – Cueva de Villa Luz Noora Nakhaei (ON) – Garden of Earthly Delights Curtis Wright (ON) – Thuban & Eltanin Amy Brandon (NS) – 3 Portraits Tyler Versluis (ON) – Tragic Overture, “Phaeton” 


WSO Composer-in-Residence & WNMF Festival Co-Director Harry Stafylakis
Mentor Composers Sammy Moussa & Karen Sunabacka
Guest Composers Octavio Vasquez, Neil Weisensel, T. Patrick Carrabré
CMC Prairie Region Composition Competition Winner Luis Ramirez (MB) – Chido
WNMF Composers Institute Participant Composers Chia-Lin Kuo (BC) – Urban Suite II: Loneliness Steven Webb (MB) – Monuments Austin Leung (ON) – Prelude Roydon Tse (ON) – Black Waltz Leslie Opatril (BC) – Whisky JackKristen Wachniak (MB) – Disjunction


WSO Composer-in-Residence Harry Stafylakis
Mentor Composers Karen Sunabacka, Gordon Fitzell, Neil Weisensel, T. Patrick Carrabré, Örjan Sandred
Guest Composers Fjóla Evans, Cassandra Miller, Christos Hatzis, Dinuk Wijeratne, Meredith Monk, Eliot Britton 
CMC Prairie Region Composition Competition Winner Michael Ducharme (BC) – X-1
Participants Harley Dyck (MB) – To Charge the Spear Mark Holmes à Court (MB) – The Swimmer’s Moment Mark Marinic (MB) – Winter’s Heart Luis Ramirez (MB) – Chido Morgan Thickson (MB) – Daughter’s Dance Tristan Zaba (MB) – Paraworlds II