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Walking Wolf Singers & Dancers

Walking Wolf Dancers & Singers perform traditional Aboriginal dances, sharing with audiences the stories and meanings behind them. The group’s performances include hoop dancers, jingle dancers, friendship dancers, drummers and chanters to captivate the audience.

The ancient Hoop Dance is a magical and captivating performance for audiences of all ages. Using up to 30 decorative hoops, the hoop dancer forms configurations representing stories of nature, such as the butterfly, the eagle, the moon and the snake.

Coming from a Cree and Ojibway background, Ray ‘Coco’ Stevenson, better known by his spirit name Walking Wolf, started Walking Wolf Dancers & Singers to educate and share his culture with others.

The group lends their energy to promoting the cultural identity of Aboriginal Peoples and works to bridge the gap between ethnic communities by showcasing the amazing talents of their culture.