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Troupe Vertigo

They create an eclectic and refreshing mix of circus-dance-theatre works that ignite the imagination with mentally and physically spellbinding performances.

Los Angeles-based theatrical circus company Troupe Vertigo has been honoured to be creatively involved with numerous national and international symphonies contributing widely in creating a theatrical sensibility that embraces the grandeur and prestige of the symphony hall. They have been called upon to create custom ensemble-based themed shows where the high-calibre cirque acts are woven together seamlessly with each symphony’s unique musical selections, creating an evening of stunning physical feats choreographed into works of art. Invite your audience’s imagination to twist and soar as we guide them on and thrilling adventure of beauty, amazement and technical prowess.

Founded in 2009 by veteran show producers Aloysia Gavre (Cirque du Soleil) and Rex Camphuis (Pickle Family Circus/ Film & Theater Producer), the two have more than 25 years of circus & theatre production experience. Working side by side in staging, directing, producing, designing and choreographing their combined talents help bring a stunning theatrical vision that celebrates the union of both arts to the concert hall.

Troupe Vertigo’s facility is also home to Cirque School, LA’s premier circus training space, which inspires an appreciation for the circus arts for “Anybody with Any Body.”

Being based in Los Angeles and having Cirque School as their sister company, Aloysia & Rex’s expertise is used often in the film & television industry. Most notably for Rebel Wilson’s aerial performance in Pitch Perfect 2 and with Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz who utilized Cirque School resources not only for circus instruction but for character background research for the film Water for Elephants.