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Jim Agapito

Jim Agapito hosts “Recovering Filipino,” a podcast from CBC Manitoba featured on CBC Radio One, in which he reconnects to his Filipino heritage through a journey of self-discovery. Jim is a Filipino writer, producer, filmmaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Jim’s passion is storytelling, and his specialties include producing, screenwriting and directing documentaries, short films and music videos. He has worked in the Canadian film and television industry and with a number of independent production houses since obtaining diplomas in Journalism from Durham College and Digital Film Production from Red River College.

Most recently, Jim’s short film, “Bakla!” was awarded the Jury’s Choice for Top Manitoba Short Film in 2021, and was screened at the FascinAsian Film Festival. The documentary video short, which was commissioned for CBC Arts, explored what it means to be “BAKLA” for queer Filipinx people.

When Jim isn’t working on his multi-media projects, he writes, does boxing, takes photos and sings in a punk band.