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Jace Hodges

Jace Hodges is a Winnipeg based dancer, who began dancing at the age of 9 with Evolution Dance Company. He then went on to train with the Royal Winnipeg Ballets Professional Division and the School of Contemporary Dancers.

He is now pursuing his professional dance career here in Winnipeg, having performed with Ian Mozdzen in the shows, “PEOPLE EN MASSE”, SILENT … LAB DANCE”, and PEOPLE PART. He also performed in Botany in Motion, dancing in “A solid? A liquid? A gas?choreographed by Sophie Milord and curated by Shayla Rudd at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. In October of 2022, Jace had the privilege of working with Robin Poitras on her latest show, “Rouge-gorgeand performing in “QUADRIGA” while on tour in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

This is Jace’s second show with the WSO and Mr Mark, as in 2018 he performed as Manny Tuba in the show “Manny Tubas Kooky Spooky Christmas Carol!. Jace is very excited to have the opportunity again to perform with the WSO and Mr. Mark in “Melodious Prime vs. the Boyz of Noise”.