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A Celebration of Nations

*Please silence your phone & turn down the brightness*

Julian Pellicano, conductor
Trío Los Laureles, ensemble
Winnipeg Steel Orchestra, ensemble
Coffieman, percussion
Chai Folk Ensemble, dance ensemble
Mariia Balieieva, flute
Yarynka Chepiha, vocalist & piano
Manitoba Korean Dance Group, dance ensemble
Moody x2, band
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Saibei Dance, An-Lun Huang

Hello, Kitwana Irael
arr: Kees Dieffenthaller & Claude Lapalme

Testament (from Vishwas), Reena Esmail

Gema, Trío Los Laureles

Quien Será, Luis Demetrio
arr: Pablo Beltrán Traconis, Ruiz & Claude Lapalme

Ame Nimo, Tsunenori “Lee” Abe

Restart the Show, Sorea
arr: Claude Lapalme

– Intermission –

Suite No.1 from Gayane, Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978)

Halleluhjah, Leonard Cohen
arr: Claude Lapalme

Danzon No. 2, Arturo Márquez (b. 1950)

Mahekan, Moody X 2
arr: Claude Lapalme

When Your Heart Has Wings, Moody X 2

Yecheifim, Chai Folk Ensemble
arr: Claude Lapalme


Julian Pellicano, conductor
Known for his versatility across a broad spectrum of genres, dynamic interpretations and meticulous technique, American-Canadian conductor Julian Pellicano is the Principal Conductor of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Associate Conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Bringing an incisive musicality and collaborative spirit to every performance, he has built a wide-ranging international career leading the Winnipeg Free Press to proclaim that “his versatility is truly astonishing.”

A specialist in performing films live with orchestra, Mr. Pellicano’s catalogue of film projects encompasses over 20 titles including the Star Wars and Harry Potter series, E.T. The Extra-terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Home Alone, Miloš Forman’s award-winning film Amadeus, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with its original 1927 score, Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, Disney’s Fantasia, The Nightmare Before Christmas, plus several of Charlie Chaplin’s silent classics.

As a percussionist, he has performed in concert halls and festivals in North America, Europe and Asia, and was notably the percussionist for the legendary composer/conductor Mauricio Kagel during one of his final concert tours throughout the Netherlands.

Trío Los Laureles, ensemble
Trio Los Laureles performs original and classic Latin American trio music with virtuosic “requinto” passages and beautiful three-part harmonies. They specialize in intimate private events such as birthday parties, summer serenades, and corporate events. Trio Los Laureles is made up of seasoned Winnipeg-based Latin musicians.

Winnipeg Steel Orchestra, ensemble
The Winnipeg Steel Orchestra first appeared on Winnipeg’s musical landscape in 1972 as a small ensemble of steel drum or ‘pan’ players. Over the years, it has grown in size, stature, variety of instrumentation, and musical repertoire. The Winnipeg Steel Orchestra is a non-profit organization existing to promote the appreciation and preservation of Caribbean Steelband music as a contribution to the development of Canada’s culture.

Some of its objectives consist of educating its members and the general public about the origins and development of Steelband music, promoting a better understanding between people of the Caribbean and other origins, and acting as an ambassador for the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba while performing.

Coffieman, percussion
Evans Coffie, also known as Coffieman, is an outstanding performer of the music and dance of West Africa, specifically from Ghana where he participated with the National Dance Company for several years. His performances include Calypso, Reggae and African Highlife styles of music as well as African dance styles based on Mother Africa’s root traditional ethnic backgrounds. Coffie demonstrates his collection of African (or talking) drums by playing rhythms of Djembe, Conga, Woyo, Talamandi, Kinasona, Nagala and Highlife styles. He performs regularly at conventions, special events and schools throughout Winnipeg.

Chai Folk Ensemble, dance ensemble
The Chai Folk Ensemble has been widely acclaimed as North America’s oldest and largest Israeli folk dance ensemble. Founded in 1964 by the late Sarah Sommer, Chai has built an international reputation for the unique blend of international dance, music and song that gives it its name… Hebrew for “alive”.

Mariia Balieieva, flute
Yarynka Chepiha, vocals & piano

Yarynka Chepiha and Mariia Balieieva are musicians from Ukraine who arrived in Canada in the spring of 2022. They lived for 18 days in a bomb shelter, and the road here to Canada was very long for them. They had to leave their lives, city, everything they loved so much, to escape the war and start a new life. Before being forced to flee their homes as a result of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine, they both played in the pop symphony orchestra “Lords of the Sound” which has performed soundtracks for many movies such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, Avatar, Interstellar. Today they will share what they feel: the pain of their hearts, love for their country and for their families and friends. They are very grateful for the incredible hospitality in Canada and to the very friendly and kind people who live here, who gave them a peaceful sky and made them feel alive and happy again.

Manitoba Korean Dance Group, dance ensemble
Manitoba Korean Dance Group is a non-profit organization, run by committed volunteers whose goal is to preserve Korean culture in Manitoba. The dancers include second-generation Korean Canadians and multi-ethnic Canadians who are interested in Korean culture. The performers ages range from as young as five years old into their 20’s.

The Dance Group performs at various events such as Folklorama at the Korean Pavilion, Moon fest, Mani-fest, Manitoba Korean Day Festival, school events, and corporate functions.

Moody X 2, band
Moody x 2 is Cree sister duo from Nelson House, MB. Natashia and Alexandria Moodie started singing at 9 and 10 years of age. They were motivated to sing by performing with Buffy St. Marie.

At a young age, Moody x 2 sang across North America. They made history by singing Oh Canada in Cree at the Toronto Blue Jays game in 1999. Their music is about their Indigenous ancestry, beliefs and healing. Moody x 2 sang at the Canada Summer Games in Brandon, MB, and at the World Juniors in Selkirk, MB.

Moody x 2 recorded 3 albums. The group has shared the stage with Tom Jackson, Susan Auglugark, Keith Scola and The Wild Band of Indians, Highway 101, Black Hawk, Little Texas, Honeymoon Suite and The Stampeders. Natashia Moodie started singing with a band called Driven Under, later Breaking the Silence and X-Status – she is also a Licensed Practical Nurse. Alexandria Moodie received the International Society of Poet’s award in 2006.

Moody x 2’s message is “It’s never too late for anything,” and “Believe in yourself and never give up.”

Musician Nucleus

Gwen Hoebig, Concertmaster
The Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté Memorial Chair, endowed by the Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation
Karl Stobbe, Associate Concertmaster
Jeff Dydra
Mona Coarda
Tara Fensom
Hong Tian Jia
Mary Lawton
Sonia Lazar
Julie Savard
Jun Shao
Rebeca Weger**
Jeremy Buzash (guest)
Erica Sloos (guest)
Heather Stewart (guest)

Chris Anstey, Principal
Elation Pauls, Assistant Principal
Karen Bauch
Kristina Bauch,
Elizabeth Dyer
Bokyung Hwang*
Rodica Jeffrey
Momoko Matsumura **
Susan McCallum
Takayo Noguchi
Jane Radomski

Elise Lavallée, Acting Principal
Dmytro Kreshchenskyi, Acting Assistant Principal**
Marie-Elyse Badeau
Laszlo Baroczi
Richard Bauch
Greg Hay
Michael Scholz

Yuri Hooker, Principal
Emma Quackenbush, Acting Assistant Principal
Grace An **
Arlene Dahl
Samuel Nadurak **
Alyssa Ramsay
Sean Taubner

Meredith Johnson, Principal
James McMillan
Daniel Perry
Eric Timperman
Emily Krajewski**

Jan Kocman, Principal
Supported by Gordon & Audrey Fogg
Alex Conway
Laurel Ridd (guest)

Beverly Wang, Principal
Robin MacMillan

Micah Heilbrunn, Principal
Sharon Atkinson (guest)

Kathryn Brooks, Principal *
Mark Kreshchenskyi, Acting Principal **
Elizabeth Mee **

Patricia Evans, Principal
Ken MacDonald, Associate Principal
The Hilda Schelberger Memorial Chair
Aiden Kleer
Caroline Oberheu
Michiko Singh

Chris Fensom, Principal
Paul Jeffrey, Associate Principal
Isaac Pulford
The Patty Kirk Memorial Chair

Steven Dyer, Principal
Keith Dyrda
Isabelle Lavoie**

Andrew Nazer**

Justin Hickmott (guest)

Andrew Johnson, Principal
Caroline Bucher (guest)

Liudmyla Tereshchenko (guest)

Richard Turner, Principal
Endowed by W.H. & S.E. Loewen

Isaac Pulford

Michaela Kleer

Aiden Kleer

* On Leave
** 1 year appointment