Education programs are central to the WSO’s mission of bringing exceptional music experiences to all Manitobans. The WSO has one of the largest music education programs of any orchestra in Canada featuring eleven different education programs for children ranging in age from nursery school through to university. For most of these programs lesson plans are provided to music education teachers in advance of the concerts so children can learn about the music and in some cases learn to play it. Education programs may be supported either through an outright donation or through the establishment of a named endowment fund.



  • Adventures in Music: 15,000 elementary school students attend concerts in Winnipeg and Brandon. Over 2,000 students perform alongside the WSO in choir, recorder and string ensembles
  • Bach to School: Eleven ensemble groups within the orchestra visit 40 schools across Manitoba reaching over 10,000 students from grades K – 8.
  • Nursery Notes: A WSO string ensemble shares presentations in nursery schools across Winnipeg. Children learn how music can help express feelings.
  • Musical Discoveries: Three concerts presented to 4,300 grades 1- 3 children featuring Manny Tuba and local children’s entertainers.
  • Great-West Life Kids Concerts: Five concerts for children held on Sunday afternoons in the concert hall. Pre-concert activities include crafts, rhythm ensembles, an instrument petting zoo and a conducting station.
  • Sistema Winnipeg: 15 hours of music training each week from September – June with 150 inner city children. Training in music is known as a superior means of developing intellectual, social, academic and emotional abilities. This program changes lives by inspiring social change within the community.
  • Music Alive: The National Arts Centre Orchestra partners with the WSO to present musical learning in First Nations schools in rural and remote areas of Manitoba.
  • Up Close and Orchestral: Seven concerts in seven high schools over a one week period that gives students and up close and interactive experience with live orchestral music.
  • Musicians in the Making: Student musicians from groups across the province perform on the Piano Noble prior to Pops, Soundbytes and Specials Concerts giving them exposure to public performing.
  • Rising Stars: The WSO showcases young talent as part of an orchestral performance, in either choir, orchestra or band formats, in a special concert held at the concert hall. In addition, two soloists are selected through a competition to be soloists at that concert.
  • Student Matinee Series: Up to five concerts offered to student groups as part of our regular concert dress rehearsals which includes a post-concert talk about the music performed.

Please Seek Expert Advice: The WSO strongly recommends that you seek professional advice to ensure your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed, and that your legacy gift is tailored to your circumstances. The WSO recommends that you consult your lawyer or estate planner regarding the specific wording of any gift in a will.

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