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Nursery Notes

Nursery Notes is an innovative music outreach program specifically designed for preschool-aged children. A specialized Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra string quintet will visit your nursery school to share a presentation that has been specially designed to educate and appeal to your students. The children will connect with the music, the instruments, the musicians, and they will explore the concepts of basic emotions through this interactive performance and with our musical puppet, ‘Symphony Sam’.



Presentation Format

The Nursery Notes string quintet will share two 30-minute presentations with your students, separated by a 15-minute break, allowing for two audience groups to enjoy the performances. The WSO requests a maximum audience of 15 children and a minimum of 3 adult caregivers per presentation.

To submit your order or for payment inquiries contact Jeffrey Acosta, Education & Sistema Manager at (204) 949-3971 or e-mail.
For program information contact Brent Johnson, Associate Director, Education and Community at (204) 204-949-3967 or e-mail.