Meet the Musician: Kristy Tucker

News 2019-10-30

Meet the Musician: Kristy Tucker

Cookies, hometown pride, and exploring her city: this week’s edition of Meet the Musician focuses on bassoonist Kristy Tucker!


WSO: How long have you played with the WSO?

Kristy Tucker: I’ve been with the WSO since the start of this season. I just finished my 6th week!


What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to cook and bake, it’s relaxing for me. Right now, I love cooking the winter squash, roasted vegetables, and Manitoba fish! (I’m very sad corn season is over). I’m doing my best to cook seasonally using local ingredients. It’s important to me to try and live sustainably as possible. I have however developed a dangerous addiction to browned butter cookies. I only bake a few cookies at a time, leaving the remaining batter in the fridge. When I’ve had a hard day, I just pre-heat the oven, and bam, fresh baked cookies! I originally started doing this in an attempt to limit my cookie consumption, but it has had the opposite effect. My dad is a baker, I guess it’s in my genes…

My next goal is to start brewing my own ginger beer. I’m just waiting on the fermentation airlock to arrive in the mail and I’ll be good to go. I also love playing scrabble and watching quiz shows. A friend got me into one from the UK called Only Connect. I’ve been binge watching it.


Which other orchestras have you played with?

I graduated this past May with my Master of Musical Arts degree from Yale University. This is my first professional job and I am so excited to be back in Winnipeg playing with the musicians that I looked up to growing up. It’s kind of surreal. Prior to this season, I’ve played as an extra in a few orchestras around North America, including Orchestre Classique de Montreal, the New World Symphony, and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.


What’s your favourite thing about Winnipeg?

I love the food and culture in Winnipeg. We’re kind of segregated (geographically) from the rest of Canada and this has allowed us to thrive in our own little ecosystem. Of course the best part about Winnipeg for me though, is that almost my entire family is here, and that it’s home. I’m also very excited to be back in a civilized place where you’re given honey dill with your chicken fingers.


What’s your favourite kind of music to listen to?

I’m a little reluctant to admit that all of the music I listen to is classical. My favourite pieces are mostly without bassoon. Sometimes it stresses me out to hear bassoon on recordings – I start analyzing and overthinking things. I just want to enjoy the music! Current favs are Ravel’s string quartet and Debussy’s cello sonata.


What do you do with your time off?

So far in my time off, I’ve spent a lot of time showing my partner Eric (WSO bassist) around my hometown. We met at Yale and won our auditions 2 weeks apart. We are still in awe that things worked out the way they did. This past week we went to Fort Whyte Alive to go on a mini hike. He was most enamoured with the toboggan slide. I guess they don’t have those in Ohio. We also attended a Jets game and I forgot to warn him about the “true north” shout in the middle of the anthem. He was very confused.


How did you get into music?

I began piano lessons when I was 5 because my older sister hated it and my parents had already paid for the year. I began playing bassoon in high school because my high school band teacher (Jacquie Dawson, now director of bands at the University of Manitoba) asked the class if anyone wanted to switch instruments and play bassoon and I raised my hand and said, “What’s a bassoon?”

I’m not sure if she misheard me, but she responded with “Great! We’ll have someone get you set up”.


Kristy is most excited for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ In Concert. She has dressed up as Hermione for Halloween twice! 

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