5 reasons why you need to see Verdi’s Requiem this weekend

News 2019-03-13

5 reasons why you need to see Verdi’s Requiem this weekend

Verdi’s Requiem is a masterpiece of the genre filled with goosebump-worthy movements. The superstars of opera have long loved this piece, as has audiences everywhere.  And here’s why…

It’s a truly epic work.

 Often described as a “conductor’s dream come true”, Verdi’s Requiem tells a complex, dramatic story. You will probably recognize the Dies Irae, because it’s been used countless times in everything from beer commercials to movie trailers.


It’s truly an epic piece of music to hear…and see!

The Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) Festival Chorus and the Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir join the WSO to perform with our full symphony orchestra and four soloists, only adding to the “epic” factor. There will be over 200 people on the Centennial Concert Hall’s stage for each performance.

 It’s an opera, but not.

Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem is often referred to as an “opera in disguise” because of its high-drama and intensity. Verdi was a man of the theatre, and you can tell in this piece. He infused the Requiem with all of the resources and inspiration found in his greatest operas. Some other pieces you might recognize by Verdi are the operas La Traviata, Falstaff, and Aida.

It was written in memory of his friend…Italy’s leading patriot (next to Verdi himself)

It was written for Alessandro Manzoni, poet, playwright and novelist and close friend to Verdi. It is said that Verdi was so upset after his friend’s death, he couldn’t go to the funeral. Five years later, he completed his Requiem alone and was a massive hit upon premiering.

It’s an all-season work.

While requiem masses are often religious in nature, Verdi’s is about patriotism and humanism in memory of Manzoni rather than religious testament. We will have an insert in the program so everyone knows what the choir is singing about!

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, a team of wonderful soloists and a superb choir tackle Verdi’s Requiem this weekend.

This experience will leave you elevated and truly inspired! Book your tickets over the phone by calling 204 949 3999 or online.

Prepare for the concert by listening to our Spotify playlist.

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